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Please show your support to add Plotly.js to (We need 50 "thumbs up" on Github!)

Executive summary:

Plotly.js is not yet on If we can get 50 “thumbs up”, it will happen:


Packagist is the main Composer repository. It aggregates public PHP packages installable with Composer. It makes it easier to install libraries and to keep them up to date. If a developer is picking a library (vs another), package management is a criteria. More inclusions in apps means the library is used more, and leads to more contributions (documentation and bug reports of course, but also hopefully patches and new features)

I know plotly.js is not written in PHP, but it’s common to have packages that have JavaScript but no PHP. This represents millions of downloads. Some notable ones: Bootstrap, jQuery, jQueryUI, CKEditor, D3.js, TinyMCE, Moment.js

Please add a “thumbs up” to the link above!


Marc Laporte

For the record, this was done, and we’ve had over 2000 installs so far :slight_smile:

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