PSA: Status update

Hello everyone! This is a friendly status update to let everyone know where we stand on all things plotly + Julia

We’ve been hard at work on three major fronts lately:

  1. Updating the documentation at Plotly Julia Graphing Library | Julia | Plotly – we noticed that the docs were looking pretty sad, so we’ve spent time adding many new pages. In the past few months we’ve added over 40 pages and we will continue to build them out over the next couple months. We are hoping to get closer to the “gold standard” of the docs
  2. Work on the PlotlyJS.jl (and PlotlyBase.jl) libraries – PlotlyJS.jl the officially recommended way for Julia users to work with the plotly.js technology. We’ve been building out integrations with more of the Julia package ecosystem (ColorSchemes.jl, CSV, etc.) and making the method plot(::DataFrame) able to do most of the things Python users enjoy in the subpackage. Check out the docs mentioned in point (1) above as well as the docstrings for plot for more info
  3. Work on the Dash.jl ecosystem – Dash.jl has excellent support for PlotlyJS.jl and has had exciting updates to its docs and libraries. The docs feature a new section dedicated to advanced callbacks. The libraries now have additional support for DashBio and DashCytoscape. These are changes you don’t want to miss!

This will be the home base for plotly+Julia related discussion.

We are excited to see the community form here.

Please take a look at the exciting changes and let us know what questions you have and, of course, share the amazing things you are building!


@jack, @sglyon
You should post this announcement on because people interested in Plotly Julia and Dash for Julia are asking questions there.

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