Placing an annotation arrow in a mesh3d plot - how?

Dear all,

I have constructed a 3d ternary plot using mesh3d (see figure). Now I want to create auxiliary point with an annotation arrow as legend for the triangular coordinate system.
I tried to use the examples for annotating arrows, but the result is that the arrow is somehow over the top of the mesh3d plot and is neither placed correctly in the 3d space nor it does move while changing the view of the mesh3d plot.

Does anyone has an idea?

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plotly 3D graphs don’t allow data-reference annotations at the moment.

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how did you draw the black dots on the mesh?

those dots are measurements , the mesh is the approximation of the effect
of the ternary mixture of this component.

I added those dots simply as new layer.

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Hi I have something similar where I have made a mesh and then want to add some dots on top

Would you mind posting some code as to how to add the layer.

I’m new to mesh3d

Neil Srinivasan

Will do, but I am traveling. So could take some time

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No probs thanks for your help

Neil Srinivasan