Pie chart with images, did I finally find something matplotlib can do and plotly can't?

Hi everyone !

Usually when I find a solution in matplotlib, I quick find the equivalent in Plotly on the forum. This time it seems that itโ€™s not possible, so I decided to ask on the forum to be sure that plotly canโ€™t handle it can.
The goal is to make a pie chart with image as slice. Here you can find a nice plot in matplotlib doing that : python - Insert image into pie chart slice - Stack Overflow
(Of course Iโ€™m more interested in a plotly solution because itโ€™s for a dash app and itโ€™s interactive).

Thank you for your help

I donโ€™t think that is currently possible, @Plotlyoko .

But @RenaudLN figured out how to put images inside bubbles. Maybe this is something we can do with the pie chart as well :wink: