Bubble Pie Chart Using Plotly

Hello. Is there a way to create a bubble pie chart (like this) in Python with Plotly?

Unfortunately, we don’t have bubble pie charts. I could look into making this an available chart type if you are interested.


Hey Adam. Sure I am interested. This chart will help me a lot in doing an analysis.

I’m a new student user. Sorry if this is the wrong posting location…

I wish to create a bubble chart. The help.plot.ly/make-a-bubble-chart/ shows how easy it is to do. Unfortunately, there is no bubble chart in plotting options? I can see e.g. scatter plots but not Bubble charts.


A Bubble chart is just a Scatter plot with the marker size changing for the points. Check out the documentation to see some examples of it in action: Bubble charts in Python

@Adam I am interested in the bubble pie charts as well. I’m also interested in this type of bubble plot, do you guys have this option yet in Python?

If not, I assume this is doable in Plotly for JS?

@Adam I was wondering if there has been any progress made in bubble Pie charts in R since this topic was started? I have a use for this type of plot. Thanks!

I’d like to also add heat to this! As a further generalisation, it would be good to set Scatter (or similar, e.g. scattergeo) markers as pie charts. It would then allow for map markers to be pie charts, which is what I was looking to get to work.

Yes, this would be a fantastic feature!! Would love to see bubble pie charts in plotly! I personally would just need the ability to replace simple Scatter markers with Pie Charts. Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s two years later now. How is it going, Dear Adam?

Oh ,sorry, it four years later. It should be so hard.

It’s four years later now. How is it going? It must be a very hard work.

I don’t believe anyone is actively working on this feature at the moment :slight_smile:

Trying to see to do a packed bubble chart in Plotly but it looks like it is still not supported. Any insights if this will ever be supported or if there is anyone who has successfully done this in Plotly?