Pie chart selectData not working

Hi all, can somebody please help me with enabling clickmode : ‘event+select’ in pie chart, I tried all ways but not working, also my plotly module is up-to-date but still clickmode is not working as bar chart.

import plotly.express as px
df = px.data.gapminder().query("year == 2007").query("continent == 'Europe'")
df.loc[df['pop'] < 2.e6, 'country'] = 'Other countries' # Represent only large countries
fig = px.pie(df, values='pop', names='country', title='Population of European continent')
fig.update_layout(clickmode = 'event+select')

Module Version : plotly 4.7.1
Only mouse pointer as simple chart is visible (not showing + pointer to select)

Hi @rock999
Welcome to the Plotly community.
What are you trying to achieve? You would like to click on a pie slice and see what?

I want to select 2 slices and show all pages chart’s data changes respect to these 2 selected slices. I archived these using selected multiple bars from bar chart… but don’t find option to select multiple pie slices.