selectedData in pie chart

Is there an option to use selectedData in the pie chart?

let’s say I have a pie chart that shows 3 categories and I want to filter other charts on my graph when clicking on one of the categories on the chat. I can achieve this with clickData but, how can I grey out the other categories on the chart? it doesn’t do it automatically like on the bar chart. plus, let’s say I want to have two categories to filter by, I can’t do it with clickData alone easily.

(I can by creating a div and saving and removing the “points” and filtering from that div data which is a big work around.)

Hello @Matan,

I actually requested this earlier this fall.

What I do currently is to use the clickData, and then have an event listener added to the class slice which acts as a toggle for either a color change or a transform, whichever you prefer.

Hmm I see, this seems like a really important feature, hopefully, they will add it soon.
Mind giving me the link to your git request I will give it a thumbs up.

I didn’t do a request, just verbally through @adamschroeder. XD

If you’ll do a request, I’ll thumbs up you. Haha.

hi @Matan
Here’s the link where you can ask for the update. Don’t forget to choose “feature request”. Once created, add the link of your new GitHub issue to this Forum topic.

@jinnyzor @adamschroeder

Here we go!

Guys if you read this and you want this feature, please! go and upvote the feature request on GitHub, it will help a ton!

For those who can’t wait for the feature, I wrote in the feature problem section a way you can filter the pie chart without the feature it’s a bit of work but the only way I found out is to implement the required feature.

if anyone finds a better way please let me know!