Picking a css style sheet


I am browsing dash gallery on Dash Enterprise. The first one graph looks very pleasant to me.
As I can see style sheet is defined as:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="[/dash-oil-and-gas/assets/s1.css?m=1602093759.0](https://dash-gallery.plotly.host/dash-oil-and-gas/assets/s1.css?m=1602093759.0)">

Are style sheets from Dash Enterprise free?
If not, where we can get different style sheets that are compatible with dash?


Hi @gluperegistracije

Many of the apps in the gallery are available open source on Github. See GitHub - plotly/dash-sample-apps: Open-source demos hosted on Dash Gallery

To see the custom stylsheet for the app, look in the /assets directory. For example:

@AnnMarieW Thank you very very much for providing such a great source of information.
Best regards. :+1:

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