Override Custom Styling Sheet

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to override specific styling attributes on my multi-page app. An example of this would be to change the background color or text color. At this point I am trying to figure out the best way to go about doing some specific customizations for our app. I tried creating an assess folder and testing out changing h5 colors and was not able to override the theme template I am using (external_stylesheets=[dbc.themes.SANDSTONE]). What is the best process of doing this. The app I am working on can be found here: GitHub - oss-aspen/8Knot: Dash app in development to serve Project Sandiego visualizations.

Hello @cdolfi,

Would you be able to provide a snippet of your css code?

@jinnyzor I just put in a simple file in the assess folder just to text if I could do it. I used:

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
    color: hotpink !important;

and external_stylesheets=[dbc.themes.SANDSTONE], in app

Hmm, mine loads properly.

You should inspect the header and make sure it is including your style sheet in the layout.

Something like this:

And it should be “assets” not “assess”

I have it as assets locally. What should I do in the app.py to distinguish to look at the assets folder even with the external_stylesheets=[dbc.themes.SANDSTONE]?

What does your code look like, also, on the browser page, right click and inspect:


Then look in the tag for the sandstone/bootstrap and under it you should find your css file.

I just realized my assets folder was not in root facepalm thanks for the help!

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You can give a different path if you absolutely need to. :slight_smile: :wink: