Pattern-Matching Callbacks with differnet index


is there any way to combine different index in the pattern-matching callback to check which input was triggered? I have the follwing callback

Output({'type': 'output', 'index': MATCH}, "children"),
        Input({'type': 'input_1', 'index': MATCH}, "value"),
        Input({'type': 'input_2', 'index': ALL}, "value"),

input_1 and output have the same index and match together. However input_2 has a different index. All I want in this case is to check if input_2 is triggered. As far as I understand this does not work, because index_2 differs from the output_index. If input_1 is triggered the callback works as it should, if input_2 is triggered nothing happens.

Is there any workaround to combine different index in one callback?