I can't mix callback outputs where some have pattern matching wildcard and others don't?

It appears that I can’t have a callback that uses pattern-matching on one or more outputs while not using it on another output. What’s up with that? Why can’t I have a static output referenced in the callback?

    Output(dict(type='type-1', index=MATCH), 'value'),
    Output(dict(type='type-2', index=MATCH), 'value'),
    Output('my-id', 'value'),
    Input('random-button-id', 'n_clicks')
def show_delivery_card_as_selected_cb(btn):
    return 1, 2, 3

This gets the error:
Mismatched MATCH wildcards across Outputs

Output 2 (my-id.value)
does not have MATCH wildcards on the same keys as
Output 0 ({“index”:MATCH,“type”:“type-1”}.value).
MATCH wildcards must be on the same keys for all Outputs.
ALL wildcards need not match, only MATCH.