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Parallel Coordinates Plot with dimensions created with loop

I want to create a parallel coordinates plot of plotData (an array 10x10) with this code, but i got the error “Uncaught RangeError: Invalid array length” can someone help me with this code please ?

UPDATE : found it, missing ‘s’ in ‘value’, it should be 'values’

var plotDimensions = []
for (let index = 0; index < plotData.length; index++) {
var selectedCol = plotData[index]
var dimension = {
‘label’: 'Column '+index,
‘value’ : selectedCol
var trace = {
type: ‘parcoords’,
line: {
color: ‘blue’
dimensions : plotDimensions
var data = [trace]
var layout = {autosize: true, width: divWidth, height: divHeight,
margin: {l: 50,r: 50,b: 60,t: 50 },
Plotly.newPlot(graphDiv, data, layout);