Padding and Style Attributes for Color Bar Title?

  1. Is there a padding attribute for adding a bit of space between the title and the colorbar?
  2. Is there a font style setting? Like fontstyle=‘Thin’

prerhaps something that goes in here?

  family='Helvetica Neue',
  color = '#808080'

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not at the moment. You can try using an annotation instead.

No. family, size and color are the only font setting available at the moment.

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The one way I figured out to do this was to add html code for an extra linebreak and a space into the title, which would look like the following for you:

title = 'Median Income<br>&nbsp;'

For a smaller gap, use the following to turn the space into a superscript (or subscript, if the gap is to be above the title):

title = 'Median Income<br><sup>&nbsp;</sup>'

It might look even nicer if you put a line break between the two words, as follows:

title = 'Median<br>Income<br><sup>&nbsp;</sup>'