Overlay Custom Locations onto Choropleth

Hey all, maybe a similar question out there but I am working with food security data and am wanting to plot locations (fast food restaurants, stores, schools, whatever really) on top of a choropleth map that is in a specific state and colored by some arbitrary metric such as poverty rate. I already have the choropleth map and have tried adding a go.Scattergeo to the choropleth but am just left with a Scattergeo on top of the choropleth, resulting in not what I want :slight_smile: . I have been trying, reading, and googling for upwards of 3 hours on this and have not found a solution…

Code I have been using is here

Here is an image of a plot I would like if you are struggling to visualize this…but making an interactive dashboard at county level data would really help inform viewers.

The above was made with ggplot and is from here

Any help would be appreciated.