Choropleth customization

I have been using the plotly library to create choropleth maps to give county data for Ohio and surrounding states. I have been using the figure factory create_choropleth for it’s ease of use but want to have some extra customization options that I am unsure how to go about.

  1. Is it possible to change the legend? Right now it is always a set of bins (that I know how to define and assign colors to), but I wonder if a smooth scale is possible or if I can format the labels. Can I make the numbers appear as percentages, for example?
  2. I know how to format the hover boxes, but often times I export these maps to be put into a printed report. Is there a way to overlay text on the counties?

I have seen folks put text over a graph_objs map but I am unsure how to use that library to create a county-based map and have not found a descriptive example of how to do so. Any suggestions?