Overflowing lines when zooming

When zooming in I see that some lines are getting outside of chart. To illustrate this, here’s an image:

And here is the zoomed-in section:

What could be the issue here?

Maybe I’m missing something here but what would be your expected output vs the output you got? If this is about the y-axis clipping: Your line is outside of the y-axis in the zoom-scope and thus isn’t displayed (at least that’s what it looks like, we don’t see the whole plot here…); isn’t that the expected behaviour?

Yes a small region (around Sep16) in upper chart is selected and shown. I would expect only this region to be shown but without clipped Y-axis because the data is the same. Also, sometimes this happens even in the original chart without any zooming. So curves just get outside of XY axis area.

Are the underlying values within the visible axis parts?

Yes, they are. We’re showing multiple curves on the same chart, but I disabled all except one to demonstrate this. Some values for some curves are null (undefined), maybe there’s a problem in interpolating between values when intermediate values are null? But this only happens in some cases for which I am unable to find out why.

Could it be related to this? https://plot.ly/python/line-charts/#connect-data-gaps