Open-Sourcing the code of my portfolio

Hi Guys,

Thinking about the knowledge society and by the bias of the open-source, I decided to turn public all code of my projects when developing to

We are open-sourcing 6 different projects that you can get the code through the GitHub icon on each card. I would like to give thanks for the help of @romanonatacha

It’s absolutely all built using Dash, CSS, and sometimes customized components that we have deployed on dash trich Components documentation

As I’m not a software developer, my code may isn’t so clear yet, but I will keep working hard to improve it and become a better Dash & Data Platform developer;

I hope that it can be useful to the community to improve the knowledge and perspective about this amazing tool;

Best Regards,


Thanks for sharing Leonardo. Your code is a great way to learn. I appreciate it.

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Thank you very much for you feedback, Adam!! I’m happy that it can help the community;

The sidebar looks awesome! And the themes! I’ll definitely use these! Thanks so much!