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Offline or Online ploting?

Dear All:

I want to use R and shiny to build a simple online App with plotly, but I’m quite confused by the “online” and “offline” plot.

Now, I have installed the plotly package for local use. Let’s see two situations:

  1. I run the shiny app locally, such as the test mode through Rstudio.
  2. I run this app online. I visit this App from my guest IP address to the host server.

How does plotly work in these two cases?

I found the it takes more time to load the figure in the second case. Dose the figure in the second case is plotted by the host server locally (or offline plot) and then send to me through network? Or, the figure is plotted by plotly’s sever, not mine ? Or any other understanding for this ?

I hope my question is clear, thank for your help!