Offline HTML large file size using DateTimeIndex (duplicate serialized values?)

Serialized DateTimeIndex values are taking up a massive amount of space in my generated offline HTML: probably about half of the 50MB size of the file. Is there a way to cut down on this usage?

All traces share the same x-axis (time), but for some reason in the javascript, all of the time values are duplicated for each ScatterGL trace I add. With the long datetime string, this makes the filesize very large.


Context: Iā€™m using Plotly to visualize large time-series datasets with ScatterGL and the rangeslider. About 50k points per trace, and about 20 traces. All traces share the same x-value array. Iā€™m splitting datasets right now to 50k points due to large HTML file sizes (>50MB) and very slow browser response. It is very helpful to see the date/time when hovering on a point, so I would like to keep using DateTimeIndex if possible.