Occlusion due to Hovering

I am using plotly for displaying simple line graph . When I hover over some data point , it shows the x value of data point on the x axis itself however the y axis value is displayed on the graph which causes occlusion to other data points .Is there a way such that the y coordinate value of the data point is displayed on the y axis itself (just like the x coordinate value) so that my plot is not occuluded and at the same time I am able to view the coordinates of my data point ?

You may want to look at layout.hovermode.

I couldnot solve my problem like that …
setting hovermode=“y” kind of gives what I want , but it now doesnot show the x axis value of the closest datapoint .
At the same time setting hovermode=“closest” , again lead to occulusion of other parts of graph .
Actually hovermode=“y” shall work for me if it shows the x coordnate of the point which is closest to the hovering point instead of showing x coordinate of right most data point with the same y value !
Can you suggest something ?