Display x,y cordinate values of each point outside the plot

I am using plotly for displaying a graph , I am facing one issue . When I hover over a data point , I get a pop up displaying the coordinate values of the point of hovering , thus blocking the view of the other data points . I have used the hovermode attribute as well , but still pop up doesnot disappear . Also setting hovermode to ‘off’ will also not work , as like that I will not be able to get coordinate value at all . Actually I want something like when I hover over the data point , the values of x and y coordinate are displayed on the axis (for BOTH X and Y axis) or the are displayed outside the plot . This will prevent me from blocking view to other data points , when hovering onto one of the data points .

Thanks alot in advance :slight_smile:

This example https://plot.ly/javascript/hover-events/#capturing-hover-events would be a good place to start.

Hi @etienne
Thanks for the reply . Following the example you suggested , still I get tpop uos (displaying x and y cordinates) on the plot . when I set
hovermode:false the , pop-ups disappear , but at the same time the x , y values displayed below also disappear . What I want is that the x ,y values (displayed below ) should appear , but pop ups dont appear (to prevent occulusion of other data points).
It would be really helpful alot to me :slight_smile:


you should try setting the trace hoverinfo attribute to 'none'.

Thanks ! Can you suggest how to get value of error as well(I am using error bars , so pop up used to display corrdinate value + error value ) .Just like
d.x give value of x coordinate , how can I get the value of error in x using the same (actually d.error_x is not working for me)

here’s how: http://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/mEjRPy?

Thanks alot :smiley: It worked :smiley: