Obtain value of dinamically created checkboxes


I am generated some tabs with checkboxes inside. each checkbox_list is created dinamically, which means that depending of other dropdown it will change. Maybe having same number os tabs of maybe not.

I can reference each created checklist with “id=checklist_CATEGORY” where “CATEGORY” change and the number of categories depends ofs a selected value in a dropdown.

I want to generate a function (not callback) to list all the values of the checkboxes selected. And knowing that each checklist is created dinamically I can not do a callback State or Input because the value could or could not be in the board.

Any way to solve this?

Have you checked this out? Dynamic Controls and Dynamic Output Components

Hello! @flyingcujo I checked it out. I am not completly convinced that it is what I meant, but I checked it and reply to @chriddyp. Please check it out. at Wildcards & Dynamic Callback Support - In Development, Looking for Feedback