Number of points in a Mesh3D

Hi there! I wanted to know if it’s possibly to control the number (density actually) of points in a Mesh3D.

I developed a Dash App to draw an specific crystallographic structure (made of Tetrahedra) and the user it’s able to add elements to it.

The thing is that I want to improve performance because it takes a while to render the plot with all the thing that have in it, and that affects the dynamic of the app a little bit.

So, does anyone know if it’s possible to have less points in a Mesh3D in order to achieve a faster renderization?

Thanks in advance!


Plottiing only boundary faces reduces drastically the number of points. Here is such a solution given as answer to a similar question:

@empet thank you for the quick answer! So, what you mean is that in order to have less point (ans thus have a faster renderization) what I should do is use Scatter3D with the option to color the surface. Did I get it right?


No, What I suggest is not to plot the entire structure, but only its boundary that is seen by a user. The Scatter3d was added as an auxilliary trace, to point out the vertices of the boundary faces.

Ah! I understand. The problem is that the majority of the structure (if not all) is seen all the time. I attached a typical view:


Also, if you want to, you can see a demo of the app here:

(it may take a while to load the first time because it’s deployed with a free plan)