How to plot 3D surface/volume from 3D scatter

Hello, I am trying to plot a 3D contour of a CAD model. It is easy with 3d scatter but the surface finish is not that good. So, I thought of using 3D surface or 3D volume in order to get good surface finish but don’t know how (Tried to incorporate my data with sample examples but that doesn’t work).
I have X,Y,Z data in a CSV file with 3 columns(X,Y,Z) & 100000 rows.

Hi @jarud welcome to the forums.

Did you see this section of the docs?

Or maybe VTK:

I created a 3D representation of a CAD model (*.stl file). My experience is that the performance is quite limited. Not sure, if you are good with your 100k points or not.

To get a triangulation of your data set, it’s not recommended to call Plotly mesh3d that generates alphashapes, because it doesn’t return the triangulation, and moreover it is not very good at this task
Use Pyvista instead [, and the triangulation returned by pyvista can be passed to the go.Mesh3d version that requires the coordinates x, y, z of vertices and the lists i j, k of triangle indices.
A detailed discussion can be found in this thread , and an example in the the notebook pointed by a link in one of the comments. The notebook has been posted 3 years ago, and now I don’t have pyvista installed on my system to re-run it. Let us know if it doesn’t work with the last pyvista version, and I’ll install it again to modify the code correspondingly.