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Generate 3D mesh in plotly

I want to generate 3D mesh model using plotly. I have vertexes. I need to make delaunay triangles i think. But those edges must not be outside of those vertex… let me explain that:
Assuming that you have a vertices of line. When you make delaunay you realize that those edges are passing out of line extent not on inside. I think therefore my problem must be solved on alpha hull? I am not sure.
However then i need to calculate 3d volume. Does plotly have calculating mesh volume ability? I couldnt see that.
And i need to put filter clip an object. Can plotly do? Assuming that i have rectangular shape and clip one corner with another shape and export rest of them. I am not sure can plotly do that.

Is there any point or vertices limitation in plotly to show?
Is there any option to export as obj or another format to a disk in plotly?