Number formatting in plotly hover text (Python, Cufflinks)

When using cufflinks to plot from a Pandas Dataframe to plotly (stacked bar chart), how do i control how the y-value is displayed in the hover tip?
I am working with numbers in the billions and gettin ga display like “0.43434234B”, which is totally unusable. I need to format it as $434M or something.


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My workaround solution: create a new column of values as strings + formatted in the desired way with symbols and add this column’s values as the text value in cufflinks.

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I am sorry, but I just had to tell you I LOVE YOU!!! Sheesh I hate it when things that seem like they shouldn’t be a big deal are. But when they have a sensible solution, no matter how many hours are spent beating my face against the keyboard, all is well. Thank you.