Local Currency in Hover Text

I am working on a plot that displays investment data over a period of time, but it needs to display the hover data in GBP (British Pound) not dollar. Right now I am using

yaxis:{zeroline:false, hoverformat:’$,2f’}

to format it as currency, with the decimal and $ sign. That part works great, I just need to change $ to £. I thought about using d3 formatting, but I am not familiar with how to implement that. Just changing the symbol in the code above did not work btw. Thanks for any suggestions.

Looks like the formatting engine we use does not allow for currency signs other than $.

I’d recommend using the axis ticksuffix or tickprefix to display local currency signs.

I hope this helps.

Thanks Etienne for the help. Just before your response I stumbled on the tickprefix solution. I ended up using it as such - tickprefix:‘£’ within the yaxis parameters.

Bringing this same issue back up. So I upgraded to the latest js code, and now the currency symbol that was working perfectly before no longer works. I tried just adding the GBP sign in as a string, as well as ‘&pound’, neither of them worked. Seems like the newer version may be limiting what you can show in the prefixes, but surely other currencies should be allowed.

In the meantime I have reverted back to the previous version of plotly that I had been using. The original reason I wanted to upgrade was that the download to png was not working.