Not a real error for boxmode

So I am working in R, and I am trying to create groups of bloxpots in order to view data from a person. When I run it, the warning “‘layout’ objects don’t have these attributes: ‘boxmode’” comes up. It still creates the groups of boxplots like I want though, and I am unsure if this is just a glitch in the programming or if there is a different reason why it is throwing this error out there.

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Hello. Im not familiar with R but working currently on BoxPlots in plotls.js and saw your question.
I think it would be simplier for everybody for answering your question to see your code here (e.g jsFiddle or codepen).

To create a grouped BoxPlot in R (as seen here. you have to set the layout-property boxmode to group. Do you do this?

p <- plot_ly(ggplot2::diamonds, x = ~cut, y = ~price, color = ~clarity, type = "box") %>%
  layout(boxmode = "group")

I see the same warning as SleeplessCupcake here.

Thanks, I would call this a false positive warning that is safe to ignore –