Unable to plot split violin plots with layout attributes violingap, violingroupgap, and violinmode


I recently discovered plotly for R and have been quite impressed with the plots that it can produce. Unfortunately, when I was attempting to plot split violin plots (see Violin plots in R), I ran into a warning:
Warning message:
‘layout’ objects don’t have these attributes: ‘violingap’, ‘violingroupgap’, ‘violinmode’
However, when I reviewed the layout documentation (see Layout in R), violingap, violingroupgap, and violinmode were indeed all attributes of the layout.

Therefore, I am quite confused. I am using R 4.0.3 and plotly 4.10.0.

REPREX would be the code at Violin plots in R for “Split Violin Plot”

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I have managed a workaround by making each trace a half of their original violin plot and then using subplot() to merge them with a margin = 0; however, it would be much easier if I could figure out why the warning is showing up and plot the split violin plot as intended.


Frustrated Plotly User