[NO WORKING FORM DASH EXAMPLE] Prediction form in a ML application

Hi experts,

I’m a newbie and i’m trying to figure out how to build a Two-Page App for a Recommendation System

At the moment, I get the page below looking at the basic tutorial and documentation

At the end, I would like to

  1. Pass the customerid
  2. Trigger the scoring function
  3. Get a new page with suggested products (name and id)

I search for references but i’m quite lose myself:

  1. How can I call the scoring function when I push login bottom in the form?
  2. How can I render the results in a new page?

Any suggestions? It would be great if you point me out in the right direction.



sorry @stringz @Benoit , @chriddyp and @Philippe if I bother you again but I really got stuck.

It would be useful if you can provide me at least some feedback about the possibility to make it works

Thanks in advance,