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No animation when posting ggplotly (R) with frame aesthetic online

One of the only options for animating plotly objects using R seems to be creating a ggplotly object with a frame aesthetic. This creates a play button and slider input that you can control, but as soon as I try to publish this to my Plotly account, the slider input and the play button don’t work.

Even the examples shown at this site don’t work when you publish them online:

Does anyone know how to get the frame aesthetic to work online?

Hey @drewtox17,

animations are currently in the development version of plotly (, and consequently doesn’t work with plotly_POST() yet. This will hopefully be added in the near future. Meanwhile, you can use htmlwidgets to save your animations as widgets (install.packages("htmlwidgets"))

Thank you for the reply, @bcd! I ended up using the slider functions in plotly instead, and that works when you use plotly_POST().