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Newbie to Dash Help with 'updating' browser status

Totally new to Dash, so forgive my terminology usage etc…

end goal is create a dashboard that will accept the values of numerous dcc.dropdowns and filter a dataframe to be displayed in table or graph. However running into a problem even before that, the dropdowns D1,D2,D3 are being used to only produce one line saying "you have select X from D1, y from D2 and [a,b,c] from D3 (multi allowed). It works most of the time however there on times when the string doesn’t update and the browser’s tab says ‘updating…’ and sits there forever never updating?
I eliminated my newbie code by copying the example from (chained output to another input) America, Canada radio to cities radio in USA and Canada) get the same problem ‘updating…’

  • Now this problem only seems to happen in MS IE , Chrome appears to work ok, even my newbie seems to work ok… is this normal?
  • This is running locally on my PC/laptop not a standalone server yet, is this because of that, will MS IE performance stability improve once app has been moved to a server?
  • Is this related to what I’ve seen as “LoadingState”?

Thanks for you help in advance… again sorry for my in experience…

Hi there, thanks for writing in. This seems to be a strange issue, and I can’t think of why this would be causing issues with IE on windows. I would try running the city example AS IS on your computer and see if you still come up with an issue, that way we can follow up more clearly.

If you’re not noticing an issue, I would experiment with different formats. You’re on the right track with testing things out with strings. Building toy examples is the best way to get better (and no need to apologize for your inexperience :slight_smile: )