New Features? from dash import html

Hi, I’m getting a warning message:

The dash_html_components package is deprecated. Please replace import dash_html_components as html with from dash import html.

This message keep showing after I replaced every one of them.

What new in this update? Can I uninstall dash_html_components and still be able use dash html?

It probably comes from dash_bootstrap components which hasn’t made the switch to Dash 2.0 syntax just yet. I believe that’s due to come soon with dbc 1.0 release.

For some background, if you had the following import statements in Dash 1.x

import dash_html_components as html
import dash_core_components as dcc
import dash_table

In Dash 2.0, it would be:

from dash import Dash, html, dcc, dash_table

If you use dash-bootstrap-components V0.x with Dash 2.0, you will see the warning message. The only thing in the dbc library that triggers this message is the helper function that converts a dataframe to a dbc.Table. Note that this is only a warning and the function will continue to work until Plotly drops support for this “old style” import statement – which I expect will not happen for a while.

That will give plenty of time to upgrade to the latest release of dash-bootstrap-components The pre-release version 1.0.0b3 is now available and is fully compatible with Dash 2.0. There are lots of cool new features in this release – See the announcement here for more information.


Thanks for the info, the new update looks great!