Need more chart real estate can I generate a new tab

Got to say Dash is wonderful. A real treat for those of us who aren’t interested in web development BUT know the value of the graphical representation of information. I like anything by Tufte or Few so I am LOVING Dash. I am progressing nicely and have all sorts of things "working’ but one thing eludes me.

I would like to have an entire monitor as my working area. So I would have the Dash table on one monitor and some dropdowns BUT the “active” plot area would be on another screen in a seperate tab of the browser which I had detached. Please note I know NOTHING about web development so maybe this is a stupid question.

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Great to hear that you are enjoying Dash so far!
For a separate window, I would recommend checking out the URLs chapter ( - You could structure your code to have certain graphs render on certain URLs, and then open them separately. With this mode, it wouldn’t be possible to have cross-window communication, ie the drop downs from your main window couldn’t update the graphs on your attached window, but you could duplicate the controls.

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Hi @chriddyp

you, and the community, have done a marvelous thing with Dash. To enable people like me to use the web with no real effort is wonderful. Thank you all so much, especially you for taking the time to herd this initiative.

I have looked at the URL’s chapter as you recommended and it’s not what I would like to do. I understand how it would work but it’s not for me. I am “using” python ( not very well I might add) and wonder IF another solution might be to have two Dash apps running ( 8050 and 8051) . In the first app I show the dataframe and a range of rows are selected. This selection triggers some charting in the first app ( say plot financial symbols ( y axis) shared x ( time)) which creates an lineplot which multiple symbols show up. NOW the user spots a feature in the behavior of the price that needs more analysis ( say the price change is different in GM but NOT in F ) so the user clicks on the two relevant points on the lineplot ( GM and F) which triggers write to a feather datastructure. The 2nd Dash app ( on 8051) reads the change in the feather datastructure and plots what it has been told to do. I don’t want to get into the whole ipm ( inter process messaging) and queues thing if I can do the whole thing with an in memory data structure.