Navigating a clicked component value from one page to another page

Hello Everyone,

I create a table bunch of rows and columns one among them was a unique Id. I created Unique Id as a dcc.Link because I want to pass that Unique_Id to next page to do the analytics of the particular user. Here is the piece of code I am posting for the reference.

def project_value_from_snapshotId(value):
    #[Displaying the datastore values as a table format]
    #get column values as list

    rows = []
    for i in range(len(df)):
        row = []
        for cols in df.columns:
            value = df.iloc[i][cols]
            #columns you want to show the link
            if cols == 'Unique_Id':
                cell = html.Td(dcc.Link(value, href='/apps/cs_id'))
                cell = html.Td(children=value)



    return html.Table(className="responsive-table",
            html.Tr([html.Th(col) for col in df.columns])
    ] + rows)

How do I pass that particular Link value to another page? I am new to Dash!