Native sorting on DataTable

I have a dataframe being piped into a DataTable and the sorting function appears to try to do stuff but it fails still, see e.g.


So it is changing the order…just not correctly (I am sorting on ‘expected_net’)

I am specifying the types in the columns by looking at the python type of the elements in the first row and if its a str i return ‘text’, otherwise ‘numeric’ (this fixed a filtering issue where it seemed to think everything was a string).

I also had a look at the issues raised by others about needing to add a dummy callback but didn’t understand what the input/output should be, plus it seemed like in that case no row re-ordering was happening at all, in contrast to this case.

Any ideas?

Ah…i think i found the issue: the sorting toggles are actually on the LHS not the RHS so i wasn’t sorting by what i thought i was sorting by