Dash Datatable sorting incorrect

I have a very simple dash datatable with filtering and sorting enabled. The table reloads, so its not a callback issue. However, when I sort the table by a single column the values are out of place.

I am having issues uploading an image, but when sorting is applied the column order is sorted to:
[9.8, 8.1,…,45.6, 7.3,…]

As you can see, the 45.6 is very out of place and should be first since I have sorted by DESC.

The table is just a simple datatable from a dataframe with sort_action and filter_action set to native.

I have tried removing the predefined sorting in the dataframe, disabling other cols, disabling other features, I checked the col type it is a float… Not sure what else to do!

Thank you :slight_smile:

hm, could you share a simple, reproducible example?