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Mysterious HEX in asic settings

Hi, guys!

I am a newbie in mining. I’ve just bought an iBeLink DM22G working on avg 22Gh/s. But one guy did something to my device, put some HEX value to workername and diff-50 to a password and my worker’s pool hashrate increased up to 80 Gh/s!! I wouldn’t believe if I was not seeing this miracle by my own eyes. How is this possible? That was 10 symbols HEX number… And two days later hashrate went down to regular 22 Gh/s. He said this HEX number should be updated on regular basis. It depends on Network or pool difficulty. Any ideas what that sould be? Will be much appreciate for any help. Thnx, folks!

P.S. That guy has simply disappeared…

Hey @megaminer - I think you are in the wrong forum. This is related to Plotly Dash:, not DASH bitcoin :slight_smile: