More info on WASM Dash

Tangential from the topic at hand, but I’ve seen WASM and the Dash implementation ( used in a few spots and I was wondering whether you might be able to point me in the direction of some resources that explain what that is / what it enables? Thanks!

hi @dash-beginner
I made an intro video on the WasmDash topic that might help you.

WasmDash is essentially an online Python IDE, built for the purposes of creating proof-of-concept Dash apps. It comes with Dash (v2.13.0), Plotly and Pandas per-installed. But you can install other Python libraries using micropip (certain python libraries cannot be installed, based on certain dependencies they have).

There is no directory system; therefore, there is no assets folder, and you cannot save your app code to share with others.

You can use nearly all Dash components in WasmDash, expect for a multi-page app with Pages (since there is no pages folder). If you want to build a multi-page app, you will need to use the previous multi-page-apps-without-pages.


Ah ok perfect - kind of feels like Google Colab but for Dash, nice not having to deal with configuring new environments just to test out a new library. I look forward to playing around with it a bit more!