My data is month wise i used date mantime library for selecting range for this but it is not working well what should i use to select month and year

TO filter data month and year what filter should i used to select the month and year from user?

Are you asking what kind of dash mantine input type you should use to filter on a month and a year? I would use a simple select box with all the values you want like here


Thank you for your kind reply.
I want to a Month and year picker instead of a date picker. Please let me know how is it possible.

You could use two dcc.RangeSlider() components or even two dcc.Dropdown()

A summary of a few options you can choose from:
Using dash mantine components: dmc.Select()
Using dash range slider: dcc.RangeSlider()
Using dash dropdowns: dcc.Dropdown()

Either of these 3 will work, each with an example of how to implement. Lots of options for you to peruse :smiley:

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