DatePickerRange : Just Month Selector

Hi, is it possible to define the DatePickerRange in such a way that the user can only see and select the months (and year) in the dropdown calendar (without day)?

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here : in month and display format it explains how to format the output date of the date range picker

Could you please add an example? I have seen it, but it does not seem to be what I am searching for. I do not want to select days, only months

I donโ€™t think this is possible with DatePickerRange (Iโ€™d like a year/month dropdown integrated to be able to make larger jumps in time quickly personally).

Probably best to create a dropdown with year/month or 1 dropdown for each. RangeSlider also an option.

While clearly not ideal, you can also type in the date field. So rather than clicking the arrows until you get to June 2018 when you are in June 2019 for example, you can type in 2018 in the date field. You can try it in the core-components link @lahashh linked to above, the typing is activated when you click the field. Can use the arrows on your keyboard to in the input.