Multiselect with large number of elements (>15)

Dear all,

first of all, thank you very much to everyone who contributed to dash/plotly. It is truly amazing.

I am developing an app which needs several multiselects with a number of options. For space reasons and convenience I would like to be have

  • a way for users to select all and unselect all
  • make options scrollable to save space

I really like the bokeh multi select ( It is scrollable and one can use ctrl-a to have a convenient and simple select all.

Is there any elegant way to do this in dash?

If not, I am going for a workaround along the lines of this topic: Adding a 'Select All' Button to a Multi-Select Dropdown.


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Welcome to Dash!

There isn’t a simple way to do this right now, but that’s a great idea. For now, using a separate control (e.g. a RadioItems for all or none) might be the best option.

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I would just like to add one of the great things about the Dash multi-select over the Bokeh multi-select is that you can search!

In one of our applications we have a multi-select where the user chooses about 4 to 10 items out of list that can be greater than 200 items. This hasn’t been a problem because the user knows what they are looking for and they use the search functionality to quickly find what they need.

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I agree that the multi select is very neat. For me what is missing the most is a native “select all” button.

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