List with easy multi-select


I am looking for a component like html’s <select multiple>.
Looking for a solution to this, I came across suggestions to use Dropdown (How to access values from html.Select?, Multi-select list box).
However, I want to be able to select multiple options at once, without clicking for each individual option ( supports dragging). It’s a bit tedious to (de)select ~10 items one at a time.
This also disqualifies using the Checklist component (one click per (de)select), or the Table (which requires you to enter filters to multi-select on a subset of the data).

Ideally I’d like to work with a supported component so that I can use callbacks. However if that’s not possible it’s ok to workaround it. For example, I tried using html.Select(multiple=True) with specified options, but I was unable to get any selected properties from them.

Any help is appreciated.

Kind regards,