Multiple Y Axes

I am trying to create a plot with three y axes. Currently there is one on the right hand side and two on the left hand side of the plot however, the two on the left are superimposed and therefore illegible. Is it possible to create a space between them to allow two separate y axes to be visualised?

Hi there,
You can see this example on positioning multiple y axes:

Hi – I saw the multiple y-axis doc and I can see how that would work. But I think the OP’s concern – which I share – is that superimposing the data for each Y-axis can make the graphs illegible when they are dense with data. Really what I want is multiple distinct graphs which each share the same x-axis, but with distinct space for each y-axis, vertically aligned. But we’d only paint the x-axis once, not oncer per-y-axis, and selecting a point (say x=50) on any graph would highlight the corresponding points for that x-value on all the graphs.

The graphs would each be stacked vertically.

Zooming horizontally on any y-axis would zoom into all of them.

Does that make sense?