Multiple outputs in a single/multiple callback(s)

I have multiple outputs in a callback that is triggered by a single “submit” click. I’m interested to know the most efficient and presentable way to add the outputs.

  1. Single callback - Current method. What I don’t like Is the amount of information I need to add to a single function. Is there a way around this?
  2. Multiple callbacks - I couldn’t get multiple callbacks with a single input to work
    Output('graph_1', 'figure'),
    Output('graph_1_fourth_row', 'figure'),
    Output('card-first-value2-third-row', 'value'),
    Output('card-first-value3-third-row', 'value'),
    State('my-date-picker', 'date'))
def create_graph(n,a,b, date):
  *pulling data from database and building graphs*
   return *all outputs*

Appreciate the help!

Hi @divyar2630

This topic comes up frequently, and there is a good discussion and solution here: Duplicate Callback Outputs - Solution & API Discussion

The blog focuses on multiple inputs for a single output. My question is the opposite- multiple outputs for a single input

I think your question can’t be answered with a ‘best way’ until you provide more info. What components are you using for the input and the outputs?

Updated question to add this.

Just using click as an input,I would like to generate several different outputs-graphs and values