Multiple childrens output in one callback

I am trying this code without success:

    Output('SeqR', 'children'),
    Output('Plat', 'children')],
    [State('ID_selector', 'value')])

def update_output(n_clicks, input_ID):

    if input_ID:
        seqR = "12312"
        plat = "12356"
        return html.Div(seqR), html.Div(plat)

It works if I separate this in two different callbacks, but I need that the trigger of the callback return multiple output at once

what error do you get?

oh! I have recently solved it changing the output from

Output('SeqR', 'children'),
Output('Plat', 'children')],


Output(component_id='Plate', component_property='children'),
Output(component_id='SeqRun', component_property='children')],

Do you know why is this specification needed?

With no other information the only obvious thing is you have changed the component ids to the correct ones i.e. SeqRSeqRun and PlatPlate

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I don’t, as your original stanza should have worked, and it’s the format I use. I was also thinking that your error could have been your update_output definition could be causing an error since not all paths return output (i.e. the if not input_ID path).

Would you be willing to ensure you have debug set to True and post your error output? I’m a bit curious…