Multi Select design in Dropdown

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know of an option to display the multi-select in the dropdown differently, it is a pain to open the dropdown list click one, go back click another etc.

What I am looking for is the Basic vertical Checklist design within the dropdown itself

Basically open the dropdown, select a few I would like then close the dropdown - any ideas?

Hey @DrSmith69 ,

As far as i know you can’t combine checklist inside dropdown but closest thing i can think of is that you can combine checklist inside an accordion. I did not try this before it is just an idea. Please see link below:

dbc Accordion

Have a nice day.

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I see 2 solutions here:

  • You can use the Multiselect component from dash-mantine-components which doesn’t close on item select (unless a max number of items have been reached)
  • If you don’t want to use mantine, you can put a checklist in a dbc.DropdownMenu

Thanks for the suggestions! Will give them a go and see which one is more functional and revert for the next person with the same question :slight_smile: