Dropdown control with checkbox items?

Does anyone know… Is there a stylized dropdown / select control that has checkbox option items?

I am using a dropdown for several toggle selections - click the dropdown, choose the feature to toggle on/off. It would be nice to display the current state of each toggleable item in the dropdown ( i.e. via a checkmark or etc. )

Is there such a creature? I scanned the Dash Bootstrap Components and the DCC docs but no joy. Asking before I give up on the idea…

Hi @DPly

I haven’t seen a component like that, but you could simulate the UI by using dbc.Checklist inside a dbc.Accordion component.


Thanks for that suggestion - good idea. In this particular case it will not suit, but perhaps it will help someone else as it is a clever solution.

However, may I suggest that a combo dropdown as described may be a good enhancement for the Dash components (DBC or DCC)?

Thanks again for the speedy and helpful response. I now know exactly how to proceed.

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