Multi Page App + Update on (Separate) Page Load

Hi Dash community,

I’ve successfully set up a multi page app - I’m wondering how would I be able to best include the functionality to update on each page load, separately. I’m hoping to not have to reload the data across all applications whenever a page reloads, only reloading data that is for that page.

My file structure is
– ProjA
– ProjB
— and contains the layouts, that are imported into In each of the, there are the respective callbacks.

I have looked at the content here, but it does not seem to address my concerns.


If you are using the default pattern for multi-page applications with dcc.Location() in your “” and a callback to load a child app depending on the path, then I don’t think you should not be concerned with it. The reason is because the only callbacks that will be triggered by a page reload are those in your current page (same thing if you navigate to a different page).

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Thank you very much! Your help is appreciated.