Trigger Callback When URL Path is Updated within Dash 2.5 Multi-Page App

I am using the built in Multi-Page feature use_pages=True which was added in 2.5 I believe. In my application I would like to trigger a callback when a specific page loads. However, since there are multiple entry points to this page (from other pages as well), I would like to trigger a callback when the URL changes to a specific path (e.g., /home). Is there any way to do this with the built-in multi-page feature??

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hello @ayhan.

You can always include dcc.Location in your layout and trigger your callback with pathname property. Syntax for the input will be same as described in for Multi-Page Apps without Pages.


I recently went through this exactly issue…

I put on a dcc.location in my app.layout (which is in my, along with my dash.page_container.

I then used that dcc.location on several of the pages, but would have something like this in the callback:

def update_page_1(path):
       if path == '/page1':
               ##do something
               raise PreventUpdate

Basically, it ignores the callback if the path isn’t correct. I started off using multiple dcc.locations which was a mess, don’t do that.


Also, if you are using dash>=2.9.2, be sure to use dcc.Location(refresh="callback-nav") so it will navigate without refreshing the page. More info here:

Another tip is to put the dcc.Location in the app.layout above the dash.page_container - then the forward/back browser buttons will work.

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@martin2097 @bgivens33 @AnnMarieW Thank you all for the great help!

I added a dcc.Location at the top of my app.layout and added the refresh='callback-nav' like you recommended. This works great with a callback of the structure @bgivens33 outlined above.


I have an add on to this question. What is the best practice for updating / managing the dcc.Location with various URL query values on a page load? Each time I have tried the single dcc.Location approach, it triggers a circular callback error like so:

  1. User navigates to page causing dcc.Location change
  2. Page load callback fires and sets up the page with query values in the URL string, e.g. /mypage?foo=1
  3. URL is updated with new query values, including some page default values, e.g. /mypage?foo=1&bar=2
  4. Step 1 is triggered again

My only workaround is to have a dcc.Location per page and to the others commenters point, yes it is a mess but I have not found a better way.

Hi @dowens1994

I’m not sure what the problem is. Could you make a minimal example that replicates the issue? I have several examples of of updating the URL and using query strings here: